Private Client Services

Investment Trust Funds

Investment Trust Funds are trust solutions that allow sophisticated high net worth individuals to better manage and consolidate their investments. It is a highly customized trust solution that allows the high net worth clients to invest into specific or targeted areas of interest.

Clients have the option of appointing asset managers to manage the assets under the investment trust, thus allowing clients to better manage and focus on their other businesses. Liontrust, as trustee, will hold the trust property for the benefit of the clients and ensure that the trust is managed in the best interests of clients. In addition, Liontrust will provide independent net asset valuations and ensure that the trust is administered in accordance with the agreed trust instrument.

Personal/Family Trust

There are many forms of trust solutions suited to assist individuals and families for succession planning, estate planning and protection of clients assets so as to benefit the desired beneficiaries. Examples of trusts include insurance trust, protection trust and family trust. The selection of trustee to administer the trusts is equally important to ensure that the intended objectives are met. Over the years, Liontrust has worked with many families to set up personal trusts, particularly in Asia. The scope of services include feasibility study, scenario planning and thereafter regular monitoring to ensure its effectiveness.

Liontrust has the required expertise to advise and assist clients in establishing suitable trust solutions to meet their objectives. Liontrust can assist clients in setting up and administering trusts in different jurisdictions.

Private Trust Company (“PTC”)

A PTC is a company set up by client, whose sole purpose is to provide trust services to trusts or specific group of trusts. A PTC is a useful vehicle to consider for wealthy families with unique needs. It acts as trustee for the family (or any such connected persons) for the benefit of the beneficiaries who have to be connected person(s). In short, a connected person is defined as someone related to the settlor either by blood or adoption. A PTC may also act as trustee for other trusts but the settlors of each individual trust have to be related to each other. Essentially, a PTC can only act as trustee for all family related trust.

Liontrust can assist client in setting up PTCs in Singapore and other jurisdictions. Liontrust can also provide administration services to such PTC particularly those set up in Singapore.

Probate administration

Lion Trust can assist with probate services such as application of the grant of probate or grant of letters of administration. Our probate administration includes collation and filing of necessary documents required by the probate court, locating and securing all assets of the estate and the ultimate distribution of assets to the beneficiaries in accordance to the existing trust deed or will.

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