About us

Our History

Lion Trust (“Liontrust”) has its roots in 2005 following the push by Singapore to promote the financial center and wealth management of Singapore. In tandem with the government initiative, the trust and wealth management industry went through a complete structural change. The trust laws were modernized to be in line with the dynamic environment and challenges from the other international trust centres. Trust companies and other wealth management service providers were regulated and licensed to strengthen confidence in the industry and to attract key professionals and client into Singapore.

Between 2005 and 2009, the financial industry saw the collapse of Lehman Brothers and other major banks being forced to merge and bail out by their own governments. This has affected many high networth clients who were worried and lost their confidence in the financial system. The “too big to fail” fallacy has propelled the demand for independent trust and fiduciary providers by both clients and private bankers. Started as a licensed trust company offering personal and corporate trust solutions, Liontrust steadily expanded its scope of services to include complementary company services, fund administration, custodian and escrow services to meet the needs of different clients.

In our commitment to provide unparalleled service to our clients, Liontrust has employed professionals in legal, accounts, audit and banking background to support and manage clients’ needs.

Over the last decade, Liontrust has grown organically from a single entity to a network of companies offering services in different jurisdictions. To-date, the Liontrust group has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand. The Liontrust group continues to focus on Asia given the explosive growth in this region particularly in North Asia and South East Asia.

Why Lion Trust?

  • Dedicated team of qualified and experienced trust, legal, and accounting professionals
  • Independent. Without conflict of interest, we are able to provide solutions in the best interest of our clients
  • We are located in Singapore – a tax friendly, key financial centre in Asia with a strong and robust legal system
  • No key time differences with most Asian countries

We pride ourselves in our abilities to
customise trust solutions to cater
to the needs of our corporate
and individual clients.

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