Lion Trust celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2015.  We are proud to be a Singapore born trust company, owned wholly by Singaporeans!  We owe our success to the foresight of our fore-fathers to have brought Singapore this far.  As Singapore continues to advance, there may be a segment of the society who may have difficulties keeping pace.  We hope to reach out to these people – they may be youths, senior citizens, people with special needs.  Whoever they are, we hope to lend a compassionate hand and hold them along.

With these kind thoughts in our hearts, we set up the Liontrust Charity Fund.  Other than our very own staff participating in worthy causes, through donations or spending time with our special friends in need, we hope our family members, associates, friends and clients will all join us, as we spread our warmth and love to brighten up other lives !

Forest Adventure with Xin Yuan Community Care on 8 Sep 2017

It is nearing the end of the one-week school holidays in September and we took this opportunity to participate in a tree-top obstacle course at Forest Adventure with the children from Xin Yuan Community Care (“Xin Yuan”). We learnt that this is the first time for most of the children but saw that they took on the challenging course with ease.

Xin Yuan provides financial assistance, health and educational support to elderly and children from low-income families and aims to be the choice family care provider. We are indeed fortunate to have the children from Xin Yuan to join us in the Forest Adventure. We are also thankful to Kristin and her colleague from Xin Yuan to assist in the supervision of the children as without them, this event will not be possible.

Before embarking on the course, everyone has to go through a safety briefing conducted by the instructors.

Before embarking on the course, everyone has to go through a safety briefing conducted by the instructors.

However daunting the challenge ahead, the children overcame and conquered their fears.

Following the completion of the Forest Adventure, we proceeded to Macdonald (@East Coast) for a well-deserved lunch.  It was a truly rewarding experience that we hope has helped the children build confidence and a sense of accomplishment!

Rainbow Centre's Outing to River Safari on 25 Nov 2016

It is the school holidays and what’s more fun than to bring the students of Rainbow Centre and their family to River Safari...

Rainbow Centre offers early intervention programs and special education for children and young people with a diverse range of moderate to severe developmental needs, including autism, physical, visual and/or hearing disabilities. Their vision and mission is to make a difference and enhance the quality of life of children with special needs through education and training to maximize their potential.

Students aged between 4 to 16 years old with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from the Structured Teaching for Exceptional Pupils (STEP) programme accompanied by their families and caregivers participated in the outing to River Safari.

The day started off with lunch together where we were acquainted with the families. After filling our stomachs, we began the tour and took a leisurely stroll and meander through the Rivers of the World. Along the way, we had up-close and personal encounters with several animals like African grey parrot, Indian star tortoise and iguana. It was truly an enriching and educational adventure for not only the students of Rainbow Centre, but Liontrust as well.

One of the popular attractions amongst the students was the Giant Panda Forest where it houses giant pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia. Next up was the River Safari Cruise and Amazon River Quest. Some of the students enjoyed the ride so much that they went for a second round.

This was the first visit to River Safari for most of us and it was a fun-filled day for everyone. At Liontrust we believe in making a difference and giving back to the community. We are glad to have organized such an outing, creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for the students of Rainbow Centre.

By cultivating a culture of caring and encouraging empathy within Liontrust, we hope to play a part and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Metta School Alumni visit on 1 Apr 2016

in our inaugural charitable event, Liontrust participated in a ‘reverse volunteering’ event held by Metta School Alumni where the students taught us to do batik painting...

Metta School offers special education to children with Mild Intellectual Disability (MID) and to children who also have Autism (ASD), aged between 6 and 21 years.  It’s vision is for their students to lead an independent and meaningful life by empowering them reach their fullest potential by providing them with a quality and holistic education.  The alumni caters to those who have graduated from the school but have not gotten gainful employment or required further caretaking by the school.

On the day of event, we were greeted by a warmth alumni coordinator and were given a tour of the alumni and their workshop located in Simei.  Thereafter we were introduced to some of the senior alumni members who are also our mentor for the batik paintings and that’s where the real fun and learning began……

‘Reverse volunteering’ begin when the alumni members guided us on the techniques on how to create the framework for batik painting. The coordinator shared that reverse volunteering helps the alumni members to gain confidence and social skills by putting forth what they have learnt into teaching others.

It was a very interesting event as many of us felt that were back to school once again having art lessons.  Some of us have not had any experience in batik painting and made a mess of everything.  The friendship between the teachers and Liontrust develop quickly and many laughter and giggling could be heard.  Each team of student and teacher try to outdo the other in good fun.

The session ended with each member of Liontrust showing off their “masterpieces”.  We were very appreciative of the patience that the teachers have given us.

Laughter and smiles filled the air!
It was a joyful and fun experience for Liontrust and the alumni. One of the alumni said: ‘Today I am happy that all of you are here!’ When asked why that was so, he replied ‘that’s because I made new friends!’
Serving and making meaningful contributions to the community are values embraced by Liontrust. Through such community outreach activities, Liontrust hope to serve the needs of its community as well as engaging its employees with the right values.